A powerful and cost-effective web-based employee benefits administration system.     A system that allows employers and employees to manage their benefits and human resources information via the internet.  A single source multi-location billing and enrollment application that allows multiple locations, unlimited benefit plans, online enrollment, electronic billing(paperless), and file exports to carriers.  Includes salary administration, third party self or list billing, on-line or off-line enrollment, file export, and reports at an instant.  Accessible through internal networks or remotely world-wide via the internet.
Lower Costs

Reduce in-house administrative time and expense, Negotiate optimum plan rates, Assure fast and accurate premium payment with consolidated billing. 


Greater Control

Get immediate reporting, tailored to your needs, Design the right benefites programs for your company, Assure regulatory compliance, Free HR Personnel to focus on core strategic duties.


Who needs this system?

 If you are a single site company with 400 employees, you may have your administration under control without needing us.


If things are not that simple and you have a thousand or more employees, multiple locations and/or multiple benefit plans and eligibility rules or all of the above, then we can show you how to simplify your administration, save money and have all the information you need with the click of a mouse…in fact, the more complicated it is on your end, the more we can help.


First, You Talk…We Listen

Most systems are not flexible and you have to modify your procedures to comply with the system.

This is different. We listen to you and find out how you perform your administrative procedures. Then, we do the customization to make sure the system is tailor made to your specifications; so all the “tweaking” is done on our end. It is an easy-to install turnkey system.