Products and Services

          Simplified Benefits Administration

          Online Enrollment

          Electronic Enrollment

          Electronic Carrier Data Export Files

          Conversion to Paperless Administration

          Electronic / Digital Paper Trail

          Assured Data Integrity

          Electronic Eligibility Vendor Files

          Consolidated Billing and Reconciliation

          Employee Call Center

          Instant Data Retrieval

          Ad Hoc Reporting

          Customized Web Enrollment Sites

          CFO Reporting

          Single Document Input

Customized to meet each companyís specific needs, the Employee Benefits Administration System accepts employee enrollment and maintains a complete electronic record of each individualís personal and employment data. The system also centralizes data on all benefit plans, including rate information, eligibility requirements, and availability at different company locations. This singlesource capability assures that all information provided to the company, its employees, and its vendors is consistent and as accurate as possible..
Employee Enrollments
Employee enrollments are processed and verified immediately, with screening functions to identify incorrect or incomplete information and assure eligibility. When employee status changes, the new information is applied across the board, wherever applicable, wherever needed. Redundancies and conflicting information are identified and eliminated immediately.
Changes in Benefit Plans
Changes in benefit plans are likewise immediate and universal. Management reports are updated and premium payments to carriers are revised; employees are notified and payroll deductions are adjusted promptly.