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Put this Technology to Work for You

State of the Art Technology - A powerful, cost effective employee benefits administration system. Web based system that allows employers and their employees to manage their benefits and Human resources information via the internet. A single source enrollment, billing and eligibility system for single or multiple locations. The most complicated employee benefit plans made simple with point and click technology

The Paper Stops Here - Weekly electronic files to each carrier. No more paper. Online electronic enrollment. Paperless fax system.
User Friendly - Although data can be input and maintained in any system, it is often difficult to make practical use of the stored information. Cumbersome and inflexible reporting functions can make it virtually impossible for managers to get the information they need in usable form. Responding to that need, Employee Benefits Administration System specializes in fast, easy, flexible reporting.
All the Information You Need When You Need It

Have you ever needed information and had to wait on someone else to get it for you? Even simple information sometimes takes too long. As simple as a census when you need to get competitive bids…or your CFO wants cost information by product or by location or an employee is moving from location A to Location B and the cost needs to move with the employee.

Create a Digital Employee File
OK, it is the 21st Century. So why does an HR employee still have to “dig” through an employee’s file to look up a transaction; the employee enrolled in a medical plan or added a child, or made a change in a flex contribution, or? No need to go to the file drawer and shuffle paper. Just click on the employee’s digital file and the entire digital paper trail is there; simple, convenient and secure. 
CFO's Will Love It
Provide your CFO with the information he/she needs. Instant cost reports in the format your CFO wants; by product, by location, by department, etc.
"Goof Proof Technology"
Once the system is in place, it is virtually impossible to setup employees with incorrect benefit plans, even if multiple locations (or departments) have different benefits or eligibility periods. It is easy, accurate and user friendly.
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